The members of Le Mans Kwik Fit welcome you to our official website.

Having found us, it is evident that you are in the market for tyres, mags, shock absorbers, exhausts, wheel alignment or balancing.


Well let us blow you away with the extensive range of  tyres , mags, exhaust systems, batteries, shock absorbers and tow bars that we can supply & tailor make for you in unheard of turnaround times with no compromise on exceptional quality & unparalleled service.


We are an established family BEE business proudly serving Limpopo Province.  Our reputation for providing tyres, mags, shock absorbers, tow bars, batteries and Kwik service to your motor vehicle, Taxi etc precedes us. Our clientele spans across the entire Limpopo Province.


Our Vision

To be the preeminent provider of Tyres, mags, batteries, exhausts, tow bars, shock absorbers, etc... to the Limpopo Province.


Our Mission

There will always be somebody who can sell you an inferior Product Cheaper


We believing that in dealing with your motor vehicle and therefore your safety we cannot compromise quality or service.











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